Prevention of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Auditory Deprivation

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, NIHL, is a well-known condition, but it’s far more pervasive than most people realize. While short duration, high-decibel events can cause permanent damage (a rock concert, a muzzle blast) most NIHL sufferers have been exposed to medium-loud noise over long periods of time — a farmer on a tractor for 12 hours a day, a machinist, a... read more »

When Not to Have a Hearing Test

When you call most hearing clinics, you’re not talking to the clinic — you’re talking to a call center for the corporation that owns the clinic. These operators have one job for which they get pay and bonuses: to book you into an appointment — no matter what. They are trained and drilled and evaluated on how well they refuse... read more »

When Is a Hearing Test Recommended?

“I’m Going to Recommend a Hearing Test” Doctors recommend hearing tests more and more frequently — not only because recent research has increased awareness of how hearing loss is a frequent early marker for many associated ailments like Alzheimer’s, but also to document baseline hearing ability for comparison against future test results. Most doctors now recommend that everyone have a... read more »

The Costs of Untreated Hearing Loss

The societal costs of hearing loss in America are staggering. Hearing loss contributes to vast increases in medical costs, precipitous decreases in earning potential, and incalculable psychological and social costs. However, treatment is available and costs can be significantly minimized. Overall health is affected by brain health and hearing loss impacts brain health. People born with normal hearing have brains... read more »

Ototoxicity: Chemically-Compromised Hearing Loss

Hearing function is a chain of very vulnerable and weak links. Hearing, and especially understanding speech, depends on the smallest bones and the tiniest muscles in the body, stimulating perfectly frequenced responses in one of your body’s most complicated nerve branches. This chain of weak links is not like a Timex watch — it won’t just “take a lickin’ and... read more »

One-Hour Hearing?

I have an optometrist friend who has a one-hour eyeglass clinic. It works well for his patients. Sometimes I have prospective patients who are seeking similar services at Colorado Hearing: quick in, quick out and back to their lives with “fast-correct” hearing. At Colorado Hearing, we meet those busy people’s expectations … once in a while. We keep hearing aids... read more »

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