Hearing Aid Repair Specialist

The Stories
We have all heard the stories: “He’s (she’s) got hearing aids, he just won’t wear them. They sit in the drawer at home”. Or, “I tried hearing aids; I guess they helped for a while, but now they just seem like more hassle than help”.

It is our mission at Colorado Hearing to minimize those stories in our community. When we hear of patients who have stopped wearing their aids, we get to the bottom of what happened. After all, hearing aids are very valuable, and the benefits of better hearing are incalculable – it is a shame for something so valuable and beneficial to sit in a drawer.

Ongoing Service Is Required
We often find that people tend to associate hearing aids with eyeglasses when they are actually more like a mechanical limb. Hearing aids are electro-mechanical prostheses (microphones and speakers are moving parts), and hearing instrument specialists even used to be called auditory prosthetists. Hearing aids require ongoing maintenance and monitoring the changes in patient hearing requires ongoing service.

This is why ongoing professional maintenance and service is absolutely key to the patient’s acceptance of the need to wear their aids daily. Patients who made the investment, experienced the benefit, decided not to exercise their money-back guarantee and eventually start leaving their aids in the drawer are people who stopped getting service.

This is also why we believe so strongly in the “bundled” approach to providing hearing aids. When providing new (or reconditioned) aids, we always bundle in a service warranty that matches the manufacturer’s (or reconditioner’s) warranty. Most of our service is delivered in this pre-paid manner, thus encouraging people to come in whenever they need and not to forego service from fear of being nickel and dimed.

One-Time Service
We often see patients who require a one-time service or maintenance. We are happy to offer these “guest” patients the best rates and service available.

If you have aids that need fitting or re-fitting to your hearing, or if you have aids that need service, parts or just a deep, professional cleaning, you can trust our Hearing Aid Specialist and team.

We can work with aids that are in warranty or out of warranty. We can also extend warranties, provide warranties on working instruments and send in aids that need a manufacturer repair – either with a 6-month or 12-month warranty. We can even offer loss and damage warranties.

Depend on Brian Bennett and our team to provide the service, re-fitting, repair and warranties to keep your hearing aids living up to their value in Montrose, Colorado. Contact us today at 970-318-2010 to learn more!