When Not to Have a Hearing Test

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When you call most hearing clinics, you’re not talking to the clinic — you’re talking to a call center for the corporation that owns the clinic. These operators have one job for which they get pay and bonuses: to book you into an appointment — no matter what. They are trained and drilled and evaluated on how well they refuse to answer your questions. Regardless of what you tell them, they’re going to say that you need to see someone at one of their clinics.

When you call Colorado Hearing, we’re going to do the right thing. We’re going to make sure to direct you to the right medical professional.

We want to see you. We’re convinced that everyone should have a thorough hearing exam as part of their medical file. On rare occasion, though, you should see someone else first:

Sudden or Rapid-Onset Hearing Loss.
If someone has experienced sudden hearing loss, they need to see a doctor immediately. An infection causing monaural (single-sided) deafness or hearing loss is very common. The loss can sometimes be halted or even reversed with an emergency drug treatment program. While an infection is the most common cause of sudden or rapid hearing loss, it is not the only cause and a medical doctor’s evaluation is urgent. SUDDEN HEARING LOSS IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY REQUIRING IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.

Temporary Ear Pain.
If you are experiencing acute (new condition — probably temporary) ear pain, there’s little a hearing clinic can do for you. We can determine if your middle ear has fluid in it, we may be able to speculate that something looks or smells like an infection, but we can’t test for infection or prescribe any medications. Since temporary pain may cause a shift in your hearing, we can’t test your hearing until the pain is either gone or determined to be chronic (long-term). If your ear hurts, we recommend you see a doctor.

Dizziness or Vertigo Without Hearing Loss.
Many of our patients experience nice improvements in balance once fitted with hearing aids. And while balance is related to the inner ear, we recommend those with vertigo or dizziness issues check with their doctor and then try therapy from one of our area’s physical therapists who are specially certified. These PTs have a terrific record of rapidly improving dizziness and vertigo. Occasionally though, patients will be referred back to the doctor for further intervention.

Ear Drainage.
Several conditions can cause ears to drain. These need diagnosis and attention by a medical doctor.

Visually Apparent Ear Maladies.
Simply put, if your ear doesn’t look normal, we’ll need a doctor to clear you before administering a hearing test.

You are going to get that hearing test. You’re going to know for sure how well you hear or don’t hear and it’s going to be documented in your medical file. Over 90% of the time, there won’t be any detours to getting this done. On rare occasions, however, we’re going to direct you start the process with another professional.

To learn more about the causes of hearing loss in Montrose, Colorado, call Colorado Hearing at 970-318-2010 and trust our Hearing Aid Specialist, Brian Bennett, to do what’s right for you.

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