Are you looking to purchase or repair hearing aids in Montrose, Colorado? Our Hearing Aid Specialist, Brian Bennett, fits and repairs hearing aids of all major brands including Starkey®, Signia, ReSound, Phonak, Oticon and Widex. Call Colorado Hearing today at 970-318-2010 and set up your consultation today!

Oticon is focused on your overall health. They understand that a loss of hearing can lead to less cognitive stimulation and work to make sure your hearing fulfills your personal needs. When our patients get Oticon, they stay with Oticon.

Phonak hearing aids are all about keeping things simple, allowing you to live the kind of life you want, while still providing high-quality hearing solutions. Phonak hearing aids are great for first-time and experienced users and for slight and extreme hearing loss.

ReSound offers various hearing aid technologies to help you focus on what you want to hear. Focusing on their four cornerstones of smart hearing — audiology, connectivity, apps and design — ReSound is constantly developing new hearing technology to give you a natural, comfortable listening experience.

Signia hearing aids are focused on creating a hearing experience that closely replicates the natural way we hear. They utilize and improve upon the latest technology to offer you amenities and benefits you will have trouble finding anywhere else, such as Bluetooth® support and smartphone connectivity.

Starkey is an American-owned company that designs products to be individualized to each person’s needs. They offer a wide variety of wireless and digital hearing aid options that can easily adapt to your normal life.

Widex hearing aids produce some of the most progressive and comfortable hearing experiences in the market today. They are highly trusted and respected, and the hearing aids they produce create clear and crisp sound.