Hearing Test in Montrose, CO

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Doctors recommend hearing tests more and more frequently — not only because recent research has increased awareness of how hearing loss is a frequent early marker for many associated ailments like Alzheimer’s, but also to document baseline hearing ability for comparison against future test results.

Most doctors now recommend that everyone have a hearing test after age 40 and again when signs indicate hearing may be compromised. It’s an important part of your medical file. Have your hearing ability documented now so that comparisons can be made down the road, especially in case of an injury or illness.

There are several common scenarios that indicate a hearing test is needed.

  1. Hearing but not understanding (aka “everybody mumbles”). When we hear but don’t understand what’s really being said, we have hearing loss.
  2. Frustration with background noise. Hearing loss can make it hard to hear in places with a lot of background noise.
  3. Dependence on repetition. Asking for repeats once or twice a day may be no big thing. If you catch yourself expecting to have to ask for a repeat, it’s time to learn the score.
  4. That surprised, “you really didn’t hear me?” look. We all miss things — occasionally. People expect that. If others seem surprised that you missed something, then expectations aren’t being met.
  5. Misjudging. Those surprised looks represent concern – not ridicule. Others raising their voice to communicate with you is meant to be helpful — not confrontational.
  6. Loss of freedom. Are you free to go anywhere with anyone and not have to worry about hearing?
  7. Avoidance. Isolation. Resignation. This is the number one concern from family members. Friends and family want you to value sharing life with them.
  8. Volume wars. If you’re frequently turning up the volume to the point that others complain, the problem may not be with your TV or radio, it may be your hearing.
  9. Tinnitus, or a ringing sound in your ears may be an indication of hearing loss. Eighty percent of tinnitus sufferers have hearing loss.
  10. Hearing “Blindness”. Hearing loss is blindness of the ears that can happen so slowly you get used to the dark.
  11. Blaming. Being able to hear some people some of the time is not an indicator of hearing health.